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With the expansion of market of vehicle maintenance and repair, to abandon the 4S store has become the choice of many people. To buy their own auto parts online, then find common auto repair shop replaced, be a good way to many people to save money. But in the purchase of auto parts, must have an adequate understanding of the selected parts.

1, see trademarks are complete. The outer packing products of good quality authentic, packing box writing clear, overprint bright colours. Packing box, bag, shall be marked with the product name, specifications, quantity, registered trademark, factory name and address and telephone number and so on, their mark some manufacturers in the accessories hits. Some important components such as generator, distributor, fuel injection pump, also equipped with instructions, certification and inspector chapter, to guide the user correct maintenance. When you purchase should be careful to recognize, to avoid buy fake and shoddy products.

2, look at the geometry size for deformation. Some parts for the manufacture, transportation, improper storage, easy to produce deformation. When the examination, can the shaft parts along the glass plate rolling ring, watch parts and glass board is jointed Department has no light leakage to determine whether bending; buy steel sheet or friction piece of clutch driven plate, sheet steel, friction plate can be lifted in the eyes to observe whether the warping; in the purchase of oil seal, oil seal end face with skeleton should positively round, without deflection and flat glass laminating; no skeleton oil seal edge should be correct, use hand to make its deformation, let go after the restitution. In the purchase of various pad, but also should pay attention to check the geometry size and shape.

3, to see whether the formation of the binding site. Spare parts in handling, storage process, due to vibration, bump, often produce burr, indentation, damage or crack in the binding site, influence the use of parts. When you purchase should pay attention to check.

4, look at the surface of the parts have no rust. Parts of qualified surface, both has certain precision and polished finish, the more important parts, higher accuracy, more stringent packaging rust and corrosion. When you purchase should pay attention to check, if found parts of rust spots, mildew spots or rubber cracking, loss of elasticity, or the shaft neck surface has obvious tool lines, should be replaced.

5, look at the skin is intact. Most of the components in the factory are coated with a protective layer. As the piston pin and the bearing with paraffin protection; piston ring, cylinder liner surface coated with anti rust oil and wrapping; valve and piston etc. after dipping antirust oil with a plastic bag packaging. When the choose and buy if found damaged, loss of sealing sleeve wrapping paper, rust proof oil or paraffin loss shall be returned.

6, look at the bonding part looseness. By two or more than two parts assembled parts, parts are linked by a pressing and bonding or welding, does not allow loosening between them, such as the oil pump plunger and the adjusting arm is through pressing combined; the clutch from the wheel and the steel sheet is riveted joint, the friction plate and the steel plate is riveted or glued; the paper filter frame and filter paper is glued together; electrical equipment thread is formed by welding. When the choose and buy if found loose, should be replaced.